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There's a reason Audi is defined by the ethos Vorsprung. It runs through everything that we do, from ground-breaking technology to innovative financial solutions.

It's all about finding a way, in the pursuit of advancement. And you'll find our flexible financial options are designed to meet your every need - so you too can share in the Vorsprung philosophy.

Audi Financial Services - a division of Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa Proprietary Limited. An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP6635.

Finance Options

Whether it belongs to you or the company, we offer a wide range of competitive finance and insurance plans, developed and tailored to your requirements. With Audi Financial Services you are dealing with people who have a close working relationship with your local dealer and who are as passionate about Audi as you are.

Instalment Sale

Instalment Sale is a simple and straightforward way to finance your vehicle. Should you wish to own your vehicle, this may be your best option. It's convenient to arrange and offers flexible terms to suit your needs. Financing periods can be structured from 12 — 72 months depending on your needs. Interest is calculated at either fixed or linked interest rate relative to the prime lending rate.

The goods must be comprehensively insured during the agreement period. There is no minimum deposit payable subject to credit assessment.


The benefits of choosing this agreement are:

  • You own the goods when you've paid the full amount
  • If the asset is used for business purposes, you can claim depreciation and the yearly interest paid against tax
  • You'll enjoy the benefit of any resale value

Optional Features

You may want to consider taking the following option with your finance package:

  • Eleven Month Payment
  • Balloon payment


Leasing an Audi gives you the right to use it for an agreed period, during which time you pay rentals.
At the end of the term, you return the goods, acquire ownership or extend the lease.

  • Interest is calculated at either fixed or prime-linked rates
  • The goods must be fully insured during the agreement


The benefits of leasing accrue mainly if you're using the item for business, or in the generation of income.

  • Rentals can be claimed as expense against tax
  • You don't need to own the asset to use it
  • You avoid tying up working capital
  • Stepped payments, inflated rentals and other structures can be tailored to your needs
  • The deposit percentage and repayment period can be negotiated to suit you

Optional Features

Consider taking the following option with your finance package

  • Eleven Month Payment

Eleven Month Payment

Budgeting for a new or used car has never been so rewarding. With the visionary Eleven-Month Payment Plan, you are entitled to miss one month of payments and enjoy the freedom of using the money where and when you need it most.

  • You may elect one month of the year, which will remain consistent in each year over the term of your finance agreement in which you do not have to pay a normal instalment for that month
  • The increase in your monthly repayments is less than 9% over the standard repayment plan without the Eleven Month payment plan
  • In short, every year, while the deal runs, there is no payment required in the selected month
  • This payment plan is available to all customers
  • Imagine no car payment on your birthday or in December?

Balloon Payment

A balloon payment is an inflated instalment that is due at the end of the credit agreement. Under the NCA, a balloon payment can now be offered to any consumer on an instalment sale or lease agreement.

The balloon amount is traditionally associated with a projected estimate value. The estimate value is influenced by the length of the credit agreement, (i.e. 36, 48 or 60 months), and by the market sentiment toward the vehicle being financed. Since the risk associated with a balloon payment is borne by the customer, he/she is liable for the full balloon value in the final month of his/her contract. The balloon forms part of the payment stream.

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