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    Keep your important asset on the road by regularly servicing your vehicle. Lindsay Saker has fully equipped, state-of-the-art service centres to ensure that your vehicle maintenance needs are taken care of and that you and your family are kept safe on the road.

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    We encourage customers to Drop & Go. Meet and Greet by your service advisor outside service reception at your vehicle. Our service managers, service advisors and drivers will be wearing masks. Vehicles will be sanitised upon completion of the service.

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  • Audi Value Service

    The Audi Value Service is an innovative service package available for Audi models that are outside of their Audi Freeway plan. It covers vehicles from 6 to 13 years old, with a vehicle mileage below 270,000km.

    This competitively-priced, short-term Audi servicing contract covers two oil change services over 2 years or 30 000km and comes with the value-added benefit of roadside assistance.

    Lindsay Saker Audi has the solution to all your service and maintenance needs, while ensuring that only Audi Genuine parts are fitted to your vehicle by a team of highly training Audi technicians.

    The Audi Value Service offers convenient and affordable cover for your Audi once your standard Audi Freeway Plan has run its course. Regardless of where you’ve serviced your Audi before, we’ve got your Audi covered.

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    Terms and Conditions

    Prices to be quoted by the one of our Lindsay Saker Audi dealers are recommended retail prices and include VAT and parts. Oil change services include labour. Oil change services include the following parts: oil drain plug, vehicle oil, oil filter, seal ring and seal bolt. Applicable to all models outside of AFP or AFP extension plan. The vehicle or the latest active contract must be 6 years or older, and less than or equal to 13 years. The kilometres must be less than or equal to 270 000km. This offer is subject to availability of parts and may be withdrawn by Audi South Africa in its discretion without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Offer only valid in South Africa.

  • Audi Freeway Plan Extension

    Having peace of mind doesn’t end when your service and maintenance plan does.

    What’s next for your Audi journey when your Audi Freeway Plan comes to an end? Now, you can extend your cover up to 15 years or 300 000 km. The Audi Freeway Plan Extension offers so much value to your service and maintenance needs. Contact us to find out more

    Extensions can be calculated on time or mileage, with both service as well as full maintenance options. Your Audi Freeway Plan can be extended, with no waiting period, at any time before your existing Freeway Plan expires.

    The table below shows our recommended extension intervals, as they relate to time and mileage:

    Years Kilometers
    5 120,000
    6 150,000
    6 180,000
    7 210,000
    8 240,000
    9 270,000
    10 300,000

    Benefits of extending your Audi Freeway Plan:

    - Immediate coverage – no waiting period
    - Covers all services as per service schedule – no hidden costs
    - Protection from parts inflationary increases on Audi Genuine Parts
    - No limit in terms of claim value
    - Contracts may be extended subject that the current contract (AFP or AFP Extension) is still active

    (For other benefits, please consult the Audi Freeway Plan)

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    Roadside Assist Benefits

    The Roadside Assist programme offers the following benefits:

    3.1 If assistance is required as a result of a mechanical or electrical breakdown (which includes the circumstances referred to in paragraphs.

    3.1(a)-(d) below:
    (a) Flat tyres;
    (b) Flat batteries;
    (c)Fuel shortage;
    (d) Vehicle keys locked inside the vehicle.

    3.2 Where your vehicle cannot be repaired at the point of breakdown to render it mobile, you are entitled to courtesy transport if the breakdown is within 100 kilometers of your normal place of residence, provided that such transportation will only be arranged to one address;

    3.3 Where your vehicle cannot be repaired at the point of breakdown to render it mobile, and the breakdown occurs further than 100 kilometers from your normal place of residence, you are entitled to elect one of the following benefits:

    Hotel Accommodation
    Roadside Assist will arrange and pay up to two (2) days towards the Audi South Africa preferred hotel accommodation for you and the occupants of the vehicle. (This benefit is limited to one instance per annum and a maximum of R2 400.00 per incident) (b)

    Car Rental: If you prefer not to elect the hotel accommodation referred to above, Roadside Assist will arrange and pay for a car rental for a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours.

    This arrangement will be subject to you accepting the standard terms and conditions of the car rental company.

    Audi South Africa will reimburse the rental company on your behalf in respect of the rental charges only. Any charges relating to fuel and/or any other obligations reflected in the rental agreement will be for your account.

    3.4 Where the breakdown has occurred further than 100 kilometers from your normal place of residence, Roadside Assist will arrange and pay to collect your vehicle and return it to your closest Audi dealer after it has been repaired;

    3.5 Where the breakdown has occurred within 100 kilometers from your normal place of residence, Roadside Assist will arrange and pay for the vehicle to be collected and repaired at the approved Audi Dealer closest to your place of residence;

    3.6 If required due to overnight delay, Roadside Assist will arrange and pay for the first forty-eight (48) hours of safe storage of the vehicle.

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