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Audi Health Check | Your journey, our assurance Value beyond tomorrow

Life's full of adventures, big and small. Whether you're conquering your daily commute, planning a weekend escape, or just cruising around town, make sure your Audi is ready for anything with a complimentary 20-point Audi Health Check.

This quick and hassle-free check-up, performed by our experienced Audi technicians, is like a vital pit stop for your peace of mind. We'll check 20 key areas of your Audi to make sure everything is running smoothly.

We’ll check:
· Your brakes and tires, so you can stop safely, and explore confidently.
· That your fluids are topped up and everything is running cool in your Audi.
· Your lights and wipers because good visibility keeps you and everyone else safe.
· And more…

View Checklist:

  • 1. Front disc pads
  • 2. Rear disc pads
  • 3. Brake fluid level
  • 4. Engine oil
  • 5. Coolant level/condition
  • 6. Tyre and rim conditions
  • 7. Wipers
  • 8. Exterior lights
  • 9. Brake calipers
  • 10. Exhaust system
  • 11. Steering rack
  • 12. Ball joints
  • 13. Wheel bearings
  • 14. Steering rack boots
  • 15. Suspension condition
  • 16. Radiator hoses
  • 17. Electronics diagnostic check
  • 18. Spare wheel
  • 19. Jack and wheel spanner
  • 20. Windscreen washer bottle and fluid level

  • The Audi Health Check is available all year-round to keep your Audi healthy on every journey you take.

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